To my son,

Looking forward to the life God has planned for you, I feel nervous and excited to be part of this journey.

You are still so small and innocent, and there are many hardships in life you are going to face.

I will not always be by your side to protect you from all the sadness life will offer, but I know you must face sadness to cultivate integrity and character.

There will be many good moments too—your first kiss, your first dance, your first love, going to college, making friends, taking your first driving lesson.

You don’t have to strive to be perfect, God already made you perfect in every single way.

It’s through faults that you learn and grow and become the strong individual I wish for you to be.

With pain comes strength.

With love comes humility.

With laughter comes dexterity.

With sadness comes depth.

With joy comes freedom.

I wish only for you to be happy and content with the life God has planned for you and that you will always feel loved by us as your parents.

You were made for great things in life and I cannot wait to see you grow into the strong, intelligent individual I know God has granted you to be.

Kathryn Malherbe

I'm a mammographer and sonographer residing in Pretoria, South Africa. I just finished my Master's degree in Diagnostic Radiography on improving the diagnosis of Lobular Carcinoma of the breast, which tends to be missed during annual mammogram screening of patients. I'm 32-years-old and we have two loving "furkids" Thatcher and Lily our two Golden Retrievers.