Busy mama, your children see you. 

Your children see you cooking them breakfast even after you’ve spent the night in their room, awake many times, just to cuddle them during their bad dreams

Your children see you laying out their clothes in the morning even though you are barely half-dressed. 

Your children see you picking them up when they come toward you with their little arms reaching out even when you are in the middle of doing your hair. 

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Your children see you picking up groceries day after day while you barely eat a thing. 

Your children see you cooking dinner even after a long day of work

Your children see you getting everyone else’s plates ready for dinner before you even begin to eat food off of a plate of your own. 

Your children see you. 

You may feel like there are days when you are far less than perfect. You may feel like there are days when you have failed your children.

They do NOT see this.

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What they see is a mom who sacrifices time and time again to meet their needs. You are teaching them what it looks like to care for others, and you are incredible

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Courtney Hodum

My name is Courtney Hodum, and I am a mother of two beautiful children. I was a teacher for six years and have taken a step back professionally to be present for my children more. I have always had a love for writing, and I love to help and inspire other mothers along the way. 

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