We make a good team.

Sometimes I forget that.

I start to think of everything I do, and it seems like maybe my pillar supports a little more weight.

But while I was packing children’s Motrin and Benadryl “just in case” and enough car snacks to sustain us for a week I noticed something.

You didn’t stop moving.

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You folded the laundry that I pretend doesn’t exist and packed up the car like you were playing a game of Tetris.

And as I laid out, outfits for each day (x3 children) this is usually when I start musing to myself about how you’d never make it without me.

I realized I don’t have to think about the oil in the car, or the appliance that needs fixing.

I don’t adjust the thermostat before we leave for the weekend and I don’t check the locks before I crawl into bed at night.

You carry a load of your own.

When I spent the night in the ER with the baby, I came home to a clean house.

When I’m losing my patience at bedtime, you let me tap out.

We take care of them, and together we take care of everything.

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Most days we’re just trying to survive until bedtime, but when people ask us how we got through it, I’ll tell them . . . 

We make a good team.

This post originally appeared on I’m That Wife: Marriage & Motherhood

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Scarlett Longstreet

Scarlett Longstreet is a stay-at-home mom, retired bartender, and wife. She lives in a suburb of Detroit with her husband and girl gang; toddler plus infant twins. You can follow her on Instagram