This morning when I woke up, I couldn’t wait to creep into Mommy and Daddy’s bed and wait for them to wake up. They rolled over and gave me a sleepy cuddle just like they do every morning, and I heard their muffled voices through the pillows say, “Good morning, sweetheart.” Hearing that is my favorite part of the morning because it makes me feel like butterflies are flying around my tummy.

Once we got up, Mommy made me my favorite breakfast while we said goodbye to Daddy. It always makes me sad when Daddy leaves for work, but he gives me the biggest cuddle and tells me he can’t wait to see me when he gets home. I accidentally spilled my breakfast, and it made me feel bad in my tummy but Mommy said it was OK and to just be more careful next time. She cleaned it up and gave me a bowl of cereal so I wouldn’t be hungry.

I’m so lucky she’s my mommy.

Mommy put the TV on for me so I wouldn’t feel lonely while she took a shower. I was halfway through an episode when she got out, but I really wanted to know how Fireman Sam was going to save the day. Mommy said I could finish watching the episode if I promised to turn it off once it finished. This made me feel like Mommy cared about my feelings.

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After I turned it off, Mommy took me to the park to play. I had SO much fun. Except when I fell over. I scraped my knee and it made me feel sad, but Mommy gave me a cuddle. Her cuddles always warm me up and make me feel better so I can keep playing. All that playing made me feel tired and hungry. I couldn’t believe Mommy brought food to the park for me to eat. I hope I grow up to be as smart as Mommy.

When we got home, Mommy asked me to play nicely while she did a few things. It made me cranky that she didn’t want to spend time with me. I broke one of my toys when I was cranky because I wasn’t being gentle. Mommy then got cranky at me for breaking my toy and threw it in the trash. Now I have a bad feeling in my tummy, and I feel silly for breaking it when I was cranky. Mommy gave me a big cuddle, explained I need to be more careful and said she will play with me soon. I felt better after our cuddle and knowing she is going to come play with me soon.

I feel so helpless when I get cranky and don’t know how to show Mommy my feelings.

After Mommy reads me some of my favorite books, I feel happy. Sometimes I want her to read the same one over and over. She sounds like she doesn’t really want to, but she does it anyway. I love it because then I know it by heart and can read along with her in my mind even though I can’t actually read the words.

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When Daddy walks through the door, I am so excited I can’t stop my legs from running to him. He opens his arms wide so I can jump into them. I always feel so safe when Daddy holds me in his arms. He is so big and strong. I hope I grow as big and strong as him one day. Mommy and Daddy say if I eat all my dinner I will, so I always try really hard. Except when they give me broccoli, that makes me scrunch my nose up.

Like tonight. Mommy put my dinner plate down and my tummy had a confused feeling. I want to eat all my dinner to make Mommy and Daddy happy, but I really don’t like broccoli. I eat everything else, but when I get to the broccoli, I leave it. Mommy says she wishes I would eat the broccoli, but she seems happy I ate everything else. Yay!

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When it’s bath time, Mommy puts bubbles in. I’m so excited to make a bubble beard. Mommy laughs when she sees my bubble beard. I love that sound. Hearing Mommy laugh gives me a happy feeling in my tummy. When Daddy hears Mommy laugh, he comes into the bathroom, too. It makes Daddy laugh, too, and when I hear both Mommy and Daddy laughing, I can’t help but join in.

When we all laugh together, it makes my heart feel like it could beat right out of my chest.

Once I’m clean and dry, Mommy and Daddy give me a nice big cuddle and kiss before they tuck me in. Those kisses and cuddles make me feel safe, and I’m so tired after having such a fun day, that I close my eyes and suddenly my mind is playing funny movies I’ve never seen before.

I’m so lucky they chose me to be part of their family.

Katie Hicks

I’m a stay at home mum to a 5yo and 2yo twin girls, and spend my time blogging on Living My Family Life on Facebook and freelance writing articles.