Today you left the warm safe haven you grew in, and were bombarded with unfamiliar scary sensations, sights, and sounds. Then you were placed into my anticipating, loving arms and you felt comforted and safe.

“Don’t worry little one, I’m here.

Today, we were playing together and you were confused how I had just disappeared. Then I opened my hands and said, “Peekaboo!” and you laughed.

“Surprise, I’m here!”

Today you woke up feeling unsure, scared, and alone crying out for me to help you.

I dazedly stumbled to the side of your crib.

“Hush now baby, I’m here.”

Today you learned how to crawl and loved the freedom of going wherever you wanted. Every now and then you paused to make sure I was nearby.

“Yes, sweet one, mama is watching. I’m here.”

Today you were taking your cautious first steps when you fell down. You looked at me with surprise, hurt, and frustration brimming behind your eyes.I picked you up and held you.

“It’s OK, darling, I’m here.”

Today you did something you thought was amazing and you were so proud. With a look of mischief and glee you gazed up at me for affirmation.

“I see you. I’m here.”

Today you woke up screaming from bad dreams and rushed to my bed to nestle closely beside me. Within minutes you were sleeping soundly feeling protected.

“Cuddle in close, precious, and don’t worry. I’m here.”

Today, you embarked on your first day of school. Terrified and hesitant you clutched my hand. I gently released you into your new world with a hug and soft reassurances that there was no need to worry.

“If you need me, I’m here.”

Today you were furious with me because I was demanding you be ready for school on time. You told me I was the worst mom. I hugged you.

“Soon you will no longer be mad, and you will be happy I’m here.”

Today you accomplished a goal you had been striving for. We were both relieved and excited.

“When you need someone to celebrate with you or to be your cheerleader, I’m here.”

Today I yelled at you and saw your precious face crumble.

“I’m sorry, sweetie, but I’m here.”

Today you cried in my arms because life was unfair and you felt disheartened and discouraged. I held you close without saying a word.

“I know, little love, and I’m here.”

Today we found out you were accepted into your dream college and would soon be embarking on your new journey. Behind my tears of joy there was also intense pain.

“You will be far away and I’m here.”

Today you yelled at me that it was your life and I couldn’t tell you how to live it.

“Even when you don’t want me to be, I’m here.”

Today you called and I almost missed the call but I answered just in time. I was so thrilled to hear your voice.

“Hi darling, yes, I’m here.”

Today, you made a bad decision that had negative consequences. I told you I was disappointed by your choice but—

“I will always love you, and I’m here.”

Today you told me how much it meant to you that I was always here.

“Of course I am. I’m your mom and being here for you is one of my favorite places to be.”

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Adrienne West

Adrienne is a Colorado native and would not want to live anywhere else! When she is not busy deciphering the perplexing boy brain of her three sons, or trying to please her diva daughter, you will most likely find her nose in a book or busy writing. She also loves finding great happy hour places with her husband, and acting young and sometimes crazy with friends! She does not spend enough time outdoors (unless forced to) and comes up with any excuse to put off cleaning her chaotic house. She is very grateful for her completely imperfect life.