My sweet child, slow down a bit. Don’t try to keep up.

Listen closely to the ones who have run and rushed into their adult life. My sweet child, enjoy the world around you, it does not owe an explanation for this rat race. The miles you put onyour time, wear, and tear on your precious bodymy sweet child you cannot and will not ever get that back. Nope, you won’t.

My sweet child, stop chasing. Stop wandering. Dream small. Live simply, love deeply, and enjoy what the Creator has created since the beginning of time. The sight of each new season, new life. The visions of older generations and how they made do with what they had and lived to tell the story. The smiles and laughter of children, families, and friends gathered together. Sunrise and sunset of our beautiful light source, the oceans, mountains, and valleys painted for our eyes to see and our ears to hear.

My sweet child, count stars, smell the air after the rain or dance in it if you so choose.

Give the world something for free. Yourself. No exchange policy. No expectations.

The world owes you nothing, my sweet child. 

Serve others, loves others, forgive as quickly and as often as possible. This will keep you honest, and it will humble you. Work as if there is no debt or payment owed to another but because there’s always something in accomplishing a good, hard, day’s work.

Life is not peaches and lemonade, sweet child.

This world is filled with people who need hugs, a strong word of encouragement, or a helping hand. Be that, sweet child. Yes, be that and change the world with those simple moments. Live well.

“Love others because Christ loved us first” (1 John 4:19).

Heather Brewer

I am a mom, I work several part-time jobs outside the home. I have a husband, three teenagers (18,16,14) and 2 doggies. We live in a small town outside of North Carolina called Franklinton. We love spending time together as a family and with our church family called Faith Baptist.