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My son recently learned how to climb out of things, so I asked my husband to take the side off the crib to convert it to a toddler bed today. I snapped one last picture of my son in his crib before I hurried off to get him dressed for school.

As I got to work, I saw my husband had sent me a text of the transformed crib, and it just about killed me. I know, I know . . . what even changed? It pretty much looks the same. But it’s more than just the side of the crib being removed. It’s the reality of just how fast life goes by that really got me today.

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Like how quickly little pieces get removed from the nursery until you look around and the nursery is gone. The next thing I know, this will be converted to a big ole full-sized bed. I will look into a little kid’s room filled with knick-knacks and treasures.

He won’t remember the crib, or the glider, or the mobile, or the changing table. But I will still be able to picture his little crib right where it was. I’ll envision every night I rocked him to sleep, among every other little detail of this very room.

This precious chapter is coming to a close. I know it all too well. Babies just don’t keep.

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