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Written by Stephanie Flies

Dream Photography Studio IMG_8026_small (3)Hi there. My name is Stephanie Flies, and I’m the Owner and Director of City Moms Blog Network (CMBN). I’m married to Alan and am mamma to three little girls, Nora (July 2009), Elsie (May 2011) and Audrey (February 2013).

I started CMBN in 2011 and our network has quickly grown to 38 unique local moms blogs across the country. We are a community of women passionate about connecting moms! Our Sister Sites are written and run BY local moms, FOR local moms. Our Network comes alongside these women to empower and enable them to make their passion their career! We guide our Sister Sites every step of the way by providing rich resources and practical training, as well as a community of support determined to help them be successful!

How CMBN Got Started ::

The heart of CMBN really lies in the need for moms, namely MY need, to find connections to one another. When I became a mom in 2009, I dug deep into everything mommy-related and quickly noticed a lack of local online mommy resources. The keyword here is local. I was interested in the resources that the mom down-the-street had to share and also wanted to connect with local moms and cultivate community both online and offline.


As I did more research on my quest to connect with other moms, I realized not only was there a real need for a locally-focused online community in my area, but this need spanned across the country. After launching a successful moms blog in my area, the model of the “local” moms blog had great potential to generate income for moms who wanted to start their own business, so City Moms Blog Network was launched in June of 2011.

How CMBN Works ::

CMBN is a family of websites that help women around the country launch locally-focused, collaborative blogs in the cities where they live. CMBN calls these sites “sister sites.”

Sister sites are provided with assistance in the startup phase, ongoing education and resources for continued support, and a community of fellow site owners eager to share best practices. Sister sites are owned by women who live and parent in the communities they write about, and are passionate about bringing local information to their fellow moms. City Moms Blog Network also helps brands connect with site owners in each community and reach their target audience through creative and strategic partnership programs.

CMBN is passionate about sharing real stories and honest experiences of parenthood in a collaborative, supportive and dynamic way, thereby strengthening an integral part of the community itself.

I am living my dream, owning my own business connected to a cause that I am passionate about and empowering women around the country to do the same.

How To Join Our Sisterhood ::

We are looking for ambitious women who are passionate about connecting moms and who are motivated to start a successful and impactful Sister Site in their communities. By being a part of City Moms Blog Network, our brand, platform, support, and services allow you to run your own, profitable business and have a blast while doing so. For more information, please contact me at [email protected] or visit our website.

How To Get Connected ::

Are you looking for a mommy community? Check out our continually growing list of Sister Sites across the country and follow CMBN on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest or sign-up to receive our newsletters!

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Stephanie Flies

My name is Stephanie Flies, and I’m the Owner and Director of City Moms Blog Network (CMBN). I’m married to Alan and am mamma to three little girls, Nora (July 2009), Elsie (May 2011) and Audrey (February 2013).