In my life, date night with my husband of ten years looks more like Netflix and chill after we get our four kids to bed—and, if we’re feeling really wild, we stay up past 11pm. 

But I’m putting my darling husband, myself, and all busy spouses out there on notice: this is how it’s done. 

This viral video posted by British blogger and first-time father LadBaby opens with an all-too-familiar scene for parents of littles. Mom is lamenting how long it’s been since the two of them have been out for a proper date night (punctuated at just the right moment by the couple’s toddler squawking in the background). Dad shrugs and agrees, and tells her sure, tomorrow she should get gussied up and they’d have a date. 

You’re thinking babysitter, dinner at a nice quiet restaurant, maybe a show, right? 

But this husband had much loftier plans. 

When he surprises his wife at the door and tells her there’s no sitter coming, she looks confused. She’s standing there looking amazing in a beautiful dress and heels, freshly styled hair, no trace of spit-up or yesterday’s mascara in sight—and now there’s no date? She’s literally all dressed up with nowhere to go. But her husband urges her to take a look in the backyard, and what she finds is an incredibly endearing testament to romance during this busy season of life when kids take up so much of our energy. 

It’s a perfect reminder that good relationships and happy marriages don’t have to include elaborate outings or five-star meals. What matters is nurturing the connection between two people who get each other—and enjoying one another’s company, no matter the setting. 

And now, I’m off to research inflatable pubs…

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Carolyn Moore

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