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Life sure knows how to throw surprises our way, doesn’t it? And you, my sweet daughter, were the absolute best surprise ever. Even though we thought our family was complete with your two amazing brothers, your unexpected entrance brought an extra dose of love and gratitude into our hearts. I can still vividly recall the moment when your daddy and I read the word “GIRL” while opening the gender test—we couldn’t believe it. We were going to have a daughter. We were going to have you, and we were beyond excited.

Please, never think that being a surprise means you weren’t wanted. From the very beginning, you were anticipated, longed for, and absolutely needed. It’s like God had a master plan, and all along, my heart was missing a piece, and that missing piece was you.

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Growing up without a mom was a challenge for me. I often found myself watching other girls sharing special moments with their moms, longing for a connection and bond I didn’t think I’d ever experience. Then you came into our lives, and suddenly, everything changed. Your presence filled a void in my heart, a void that only you could ever fill. God knew I needed you, and you were planned all along by the Almighty Himself. How special is that?

Raising a daughter has been a unique journey compared to raising boys. I notice the way you look at me, watch my every move, and are always right by my side. You’ve made me your go-to, the first person you run to with your arms wide open. Oh, and the way you scream “mama” or these days, “mommy.” Little girl, you have my attention, and you always will.

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I can still picture the first time you looked at me and said “mama.” It was pure magic. Your brothers stuck to their “dada” first-word script, but you chose “mama,” and I absolutely loved it. And when you first said those three magical words, “I love you,” my heart cried tears of joy, something my heart has needed ever since a little girl myself.

Having you as my daughter is more than a chance to rewrite the narrative—it’s an opportunity to create a story filled with love, resilience, and all those special moments every mother and daughter should have. I want to be the best mom for you, the kind of mom I wished I had. Because you deserve it. I want to be the person you run to for support, laughter, and understanding–not just now, but for always. In this sometimes confusing and overwhelming world, I want you not only to know but to feel that Mama is always here for you.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to be your mom, and I’m so thankful God knew I needed you.

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