My almost-two-year-old went to bed amazingly well, but around 2 a.m., she woke up screaming. I was up and down with her until 4 a.m. So, when the alarm went off at 6:30, I was dreading getting out of bed. When I opened the fridge to discover that my husband left me the last can of Diet Pepsi, I was so excited. As an exhausted mom of four kids, that last caffeinated beverage was exactly what I needed to plow through my morning and get three boys to the bus on time.

My husband is the least romantic person I’ve ever met. I can’t remember the last time I got flowers, but I know he loves me. Love is hard work and the stuff you see in movies is not typical. If you wait for the movie love, then you will spend your life disappointed. Love is messy and tiring.

Love is a daily choice—not a romantic gesture.

Love is leaving the last Diet Pepsi so I have some caffeine after a sleepless night.

Love is bringing me home Chipotle so we can sit and binge watch Netflix shows.

Love is letting me watching Olympic figure skating even though it isn’t your favorite.

Love is working so I can stay home with the kids.

Love is starting my car on a cold morning.

Love is letting me sleep in on Saturdays mornings and cooking a delicious breakfast on Sunday mornings.

Love is texting to say I love you in the middle of the day.

My husband might not be the movie created husband or the sappy romantic. He doesn’t show his love with big fancy gestures but he shows his love in the everyday life kind of way. So many times this kind of love is overlooked, but it’s the most important love—because when you are a mom in the thick of life with four kids, that last Diet Pepsi is more appreciated than the bouquet of roses.

Christina Herzog

I am a mom to four children and a new stay-at-home mom. Two of my children have autism and my greatest passion has been to fight for them. I feel like I have been called to educate others on what it is like to be a special needs parent.