Awhile back, my soon to be 4th grader said something to me that really stuck with me.

“Mom, I think they should let us take our STAAR test at the beginning of the year, and if we pass then we should get to stay home all year.”

Because. We all know, the entire purpose of school is to pass that silly test.

Honestly, he was just looking for a way to get out of a year of school, but his comment made me realize that some kids feel defined by this test.

Thousands of kids take standardized tests each year. Some are receiving their scores this week, and some are just starting to take it.

For some, there are parents and kids sighing a breath of relief. But I’m also sure there are families across the state with tears in their eyes.

Because the state gauges the talent of our children based on this test. And some kids don’t meet the standard.

But, this test isn’t everything.

Somewhere there is a kid who may struggle with reading, but you could count on him to fix a tractor, and harvest an entire field all by himself.

Somewhere there is a kid who passed by one question, but will become one of the most famous singers when he gets older.

There is a kid who has always fallen into the average range, but will become a fantastic doctor some day.

Somewhere there is a girl who struggles with math, but she can rope a calf and ride a horse as good as any rodeo gal.

Out there is a teacher who didn’t just focus on the TEKS, but also on motivating, caring for, inspiring, uplifting, loving and educating her kids far beyond what a test could score.

There is a kid, who right now is struggling with writing, but I guarantee you he will be the kid you want to be fixing your car someday when it breaks down.

Out there, there is a kid who will be a preacher, lawyer, professional athlete, marine, engineer, nurse, welder, a mom, a dad, President, future teacher, out there is your kid.

This test doesn’t assess the qualities that make your kid unique. It doesn’t score the things that make your kid special.

It doesn’t show if your kid can fix a flat tire, that they love to write or draw, or can make 10 consecutive free throws.

It doesn’t take into consideration that your child would be the first to help a stranger who dropped their groceries, or rock their baby sister to sleep.

It doesn’t show the effort, preparation, time, and prayers poured into your child by their teachers.

This test?

It’s just a number. But your child, and their teacher are so much more than that.

Originally posted at My House Full of Boys

Ashley Bufe

Ashley Bufe is a Jesus lovin' wife and momma of 4 energetic boys. She blogs at in hopes that she can uplift and inspire other mommas to let them know that they are special and chosen by God to be momma. And that they are doing a great job! Be sure to find her on Facebook and Instagram.