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Did you see that mom at church . . . the one rocking her crying baby?

Did you know she missed half the sermon to breastfeed or change a diaper?

Did you know she is here because she desperately needs this?

She needs Jesus. She needs community. She needs you.

Did you see that mom at church . . . the one with two kids, but no husband?

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Did you see her struggling to carry one child while the other one ran away?

Do you know how hard it was for her to get here?

But she needs this. She needs Jesus. She needs community. She needs you.

Did you see that mom at church who had to leave the service early to care for her child with a special need because there was no one else equipped to handle it?

Did you know she really wants to be here? 

Because she needs Jesus. She needs community. She needs you.

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When you walked in, what were you thinking about? How you looked? How your family looked? Were you checking to find a familiar face? Did you slip in and out of service unnoticed?

Or did you stop to look around? Did you see the needs all around you?

Did you see . . .

The mom desperate for help.

The mom desperate for community,

The mom desperate for Jesus?

And will you be His hands and feet?

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Ashley Bowman

Ashlee Bowman is an educator, blogger, book lover, wife, and mother of four who is passionate about empowering moms with Biblical truth and connecting them with The Truth: Jesus! 

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