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It had been a busy morning.

No one had their shoes on when it was time to go.

No one had all their things ready and needed to be told multiple times to get to the car.

We were rushing to get to our seats as the bell was ringing.

I sat there with my three little ducklings who I had rushed through the last hour with. Silent. In our church, staring at the beautiful windows adorned with pictures of galaxies, I heard a voice, “You can breathe, you did your work well. Be at peace.”

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I was never an overtly religious person growing up. But motherhood has brought me to appreciate the power of my faith. I needed to hear those words that came to me at that moment.

As I sat in our pew, surrounded by a community that would help us at any time we needed, I felt calm. The only calm I would feel for most of the day.

And I smiled. I had done some great work that morning.

I had done some beautiful work that morning.

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So, for all the mamas struggling through the rushed breakfasts, the clothes that are bugging your littles, and the endless shoe wrestling trying to get your own ducklings to church Sunday morning . . .

You can breathe.

Be at peace.

Because we are doing some beautiful work here.

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Hillary Rodriguez

My name is Hillary Rodriguez, and I am a wife and mother of three children. My eldest child was born with severe visual impairments. I volunteer my time with my local Special Education PTA and parent organization for families of children with visual impairments. I believe in teaching children and families to advocate for themselves. In my downtime, I like to walk, read books, and travel with my husband. 

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