Happy Halloween to all the Spooktactular viewers!! It is Kaylinda with Ally B Designs bringing you a fun DIY trick or treating bags post! These adorable little guys can all be made from what you have at home in your craft room! Stay green and use everyday items to create the most unique bags on the block.

For these easy, peassy Halloween sacks you need the following:


Old tank top, Colored felt, Elmer’s glue or hot glue and Scissor

I started with a basic tank top and cut out the back so they were even. I also turned the tank inside out and tied it off with a rubber band (you could also stitch this for a more secure hold) and then turned it right side out again. Once that was finished, I decided what I wanted to put on each. I picked a cat and a ghost. I cut the pieces from the different colors of felt, arranged them how I wanted them and then glued them down! I decided to add a bit of glitz by adding the child’s name in glitter! Let dry and ENJOY!!

Next up is this adorable little Frankenstein box you will need the following:


Kleenex box, Black felt, Green paint, Brushes, Scissor, Black sharpie, Bottle caps, Hot glue and Glitter

I started with an empty tissue box and cut off the top. Next I applied the green paint and did 3 coats letting it dry completely between each. While it was drying, I cut out the face and hair out of black and white felt. I used two bottle caps, glued them together end to end and hit them with glitter to create the bolts. Once the paint was dry, I began gluing my pieces on! When all of the assembly was finished I punched two holes and added some striped black ribbon. Now it’s time to trick-or-treat with the cutest bucket in town!

And last but not least for this recycled little pumpkin you will need the following:


Empty milk jug, Knife, Scissors, Orange and green paint, Black felt and Hot glue

With this little guy I started by cleaning out the jug- old milk, YUCK! Once clean I cut the top with a knife and painted it green. Once that was dry, I painted the orange. I did two coats letting it dry completely between each. When it was finally dry, I added my felt face that I made. I punched two holes and added some ribbon and DONE! Ready to roll, like a pumpkin!

 Hope you enjoy these DIY Halloween projects as much as I did. Tune in next time for our next party post! What should it be?

Alicia Bauer

As the owner + creative director behind Ally B Designs, Alicia's love of design, fashion, and crafting has allowed her to have the most emotionally rewarding career. After working in the graphic design industry for over 10 years, Alicia found her true calling after planning her own wedding. She took what she loved from graphic design and combined it with all things personal and pretty. Alicia loves combining beautiful papers, fun fonts, and luscious textures to create a beautiful piece of art. A Nebraska girl from the heart, Alicia brings down home charm to every invitation created and event styled.