Feeding the Orphans was born in Ghana, West Africa in 2010. One aspect of this non-profit’s work is to employ Ghanaian women to sew and make jewelry. The ultimate goal is to provide a means for these young women, single mothers, widows to generate an income so that their families can stay together and be provided for. Sending your children to an orphanage no longer has to be an option. Hungry or starving children no longer has to be an option. Selling your children to work in unsafe conditions no longer has to be an option.

Every other Wednesday, the nine Feeding the Orphans’ artisans, a group we call Esther’s Hope, gather to submit their work and get new work orders. On these days, I get the privilege of studying the bible with them and discussing topics that help us develop as women; like how to create and follow a budget, health care, resolving conflict, decision-making and other practical living skills. 

You may not live in Ghana, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved and make an impact if you’re interested. You can host a Trunk Show right in your own home. Get these products shipped directly to you, invite over your favorite ladies, snack on delicious finger foods or desserts and purchase with a purpose.

Meet the nine women of Esther’s Hope, shop online and find out more information about hosting a Trunk Show here

[Photo caption:  At this particular meeting, two of the ladies celebrated their one year anniversaries working for Feeding the Orphans and another paid off her sewing machine loan!]


Josi Seibert

Josi was born and raised a Nebraska girl. As many Cornhuskers did, she grew up on a farm in a small rural community. Upon graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University, she exchanged cornfields for skyscrapers as she moved to Chicago to attend Moody Theological Seminary. It was there that she met her beloved husband, Ryan, and grew an interest in cross-cultural relationships as she worked with international students, refugee families, and lived in one of the most diverse communities in the country. She and her husband moved to Ghana, West Africa in September 2013 with a team of friends to start a business. In 2015 they resettled back in Chicago to welcome their first child and are currently working with World Relief, helping resettle refugees and find them employment. You're invited to keep in step with them as they live, work, learn and play: http://www.ryanandjosi.blogspot.com/