Dear baby-to-be:

I don’t know you yet. You are tucked safely away in my growing baby bump. Currently, a series of ever consistently increasing kicks, rolls, and bouncing hiccups. 

You don’t know me—or your dad, or the two eagerly awaiting older siblings. Except for the constant sound of our voices saying “hi baby” and the hands placed on my belly trying to feel your movements during our family dance party. 

You are unaware of the current situation of our world. 

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We are all unsure of the world that will be welcoming you into this June. 

It can be scary to think about, trying to anticipate the unknown this uncharted territory. 

Preparing to welcome you without the normal list of errands to the store to pick up new baby items, borrowing and collecting things from friends, and spending time doing “normal” life as a family of four. 

Mentally anticipating and wondering if your dad will be with me as I labor and deliver you into this world. If he will be there in person or virtually to announce if you are a baby boy or girl. 

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One thing that I know for sure -and find great comfort in is knowing that God knows all these things. 

He knows you. 

He selected you to be born now. 

He knows us—your daddy, me, and your siblings too. 

He selected us to be your parents and family. 

He selected the timing of your arrival carefully. 

All while knowing what the world would be like welcoming you. 

You were created by Him for this moment—I know this with my whole heart and soul. 

If I can belive that—then I must believe that He made me for this moment too. 

That I as your momma can handle the stress and worry of the unknown that can seem to be closing in every day. 

That I as your momma can see and experience the joy in anticipation of your arrival amongst the chaos of our world. 

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That I as your momma can reset to live more presently—within the boundaries of the day that God created not worrying about tomorrow but taking it day by day. 

I can do all these things because ultimately I know and trust in Him

That with God’s watchful eye we will make this out together as a stronger—and larger—family unit and that we were all created for this moment. 

Counting down the days until you are here, your birth story is written, and you are snoozing your sweet newborn-self made for greatness in my arms. 

Your momma-in-waiting 

Tiffany Frederick

Tiffany is a mother of three littles who resides in Leesburg, Virginia with her husband Casey. She loves finding ways to connect with people and making memories with her family. As a working from home Mom running her own real estate business and teaching preschool to her two older littles her life is very full. Tiffany shares her life journey and the commitment to taking on the daily challenge of living presently - on the blog Not Lucky Simply Blessed.