You may need a break from sitting in a building on a certain day at a certain time, but you don’t need a break from being with other believers.

You may need a break from an organized Bible study, but you don’t need a break from pouring over scripture with your friends.

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You may need a break from listening to a sermon once a week, but you don’t need a break from mentorship—from learning, and seeking, and diving into Him alongside others.

You may need a break from a weekly set of worship songs, but you don’t need a break from worshiping the God who gives you every breath.

You may need a break from donuts after service, but you do not need a break from breaking bread with the body of Christ.

We need each other, Christians. We need the body. It is important. Your church cannot be alone in the woods or alone on your couch or alone on a mountain. Church is people gathering.

Church is believers repeating the good news to each other so we don’t forget, it is celebrating what God has done and is doing, it is taking communion as a reminder it is finished, it is spurring each other on toward good, toward God.

Church is believers pouring themselves out for each other because we will be known by our love.

It is believers offering their gifts to each other.

It doesn’t have to be in a certain place. It doesn’t have to be conducted in a particular way.

But we need each other.

This place is full of distractions, of shiny things dragging our eyes off of Him, of neon signs begging us to veer in the wrong direction, of confident people on soapboxes ready to convince us our faith is misplaced.

We need each other, always. You don’t need a break from the church.

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