There is a story circulating about, concerning Jesus and a healing.

A woman was praying when she felt a presence beside her. She knew without actually seeing the image that Jesus was standing next to her. A tad frightened but nonetheless joyous, she held His hand when it was extended toward her.
This woman had had her fair share of life’s traumas. As an adult, she had worked with both a counselor and a pastor to heal the angst deep in her heart. (For the purpose of this tale, let’s call her Sally as her actual name is unknown.)
Sally held tightly to Jesus’s hand as they journeyed spiritually into an art museum of sorts. Sally looked at the first framed piece and recalled the scene- a time from her childhood when her beloved dog had been shot and killed by an angry neighbor, as an example. Each painting depicted increasingly disturbing memories. Sally felt peaceful however as she was in Jesus’s care.
As Sally viewed each canvas, it slowly faded from her sight. From piece to piece they visited each memory. When the gallery was empty of her past in art form, she turned to her savior and softly kissed His hand. Jesus left her then, not having uttered a word. Sally felt serene and whole. She knew that she had been cleansed of her internal pain and she felt calm for the first time.
When I heard this story, I questioned its validity, truth be told. I am a Christian, yet this seemed fanciful. Perhaps Sally had been dreaming or perhaps she had a brief hallucination. Of course I know that Jesus heals us all if we ask Him to. I pray each day that I can forget and forgive the anguishes that I have experienced. Having not had a spiritual awakening and feeling smug about my lay-psychological knowledge, I decided that I would dismiss this story.
Well, a few days later, I found that Sally’s said experience was still on my mind. I found the source of this tale, a book called, “Putting Away Childish Things” by David A, Seamands, Victor Books 1982. Researching further I came across the following; 
“The basic idea of inner healing is simply this: That Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, can take the memories of our past and
1)      Heal them from the wounds that still remain and affect our present lives;
2)     Fill with his love all these places in us that have been empty so long, once they have been healed and drained of the poison of past hurts and resentment.”
     – Healing, Francis MacNutt, Ave Maria Press, 1974
If one just had to ask our Savior to cleanse us, why hadn’t I been healed? I will be forthright and say with a grand amount of childish embarrassment, that I felt left out. I am not pleased that I felt unfairly looked after by Jesus. I am slightly nauseous as I share these thoughts with others. “Forgive me Lord for my ugly thoughts.”
Yesterday, a friend called on me to talk. She had left her job prior to finding another and could not renew her rental lease that ends in several weeks. She is struggling with her relationship and is feeling depressed and worthless.
As she cried, I silently asked our God to help me comfort her. I began by telling my friend that I am not a professional by any means, but that I would like to help her if I could.
We talked for over 2 hours. I continually surprised myself as comforting words emanated from me. “Hon,” I softly cooed, “You are a wonderful person, loved by many. Please remember that the Lord never makes mistakes. You are on this pathway for a reason. Yes, you are at a fork in the road, but you do know which way to continue. Jesus walks with you and he will guide you.”
And so it went. I listened and I responded. I shared some of my stories of woe and many of the mistakes that I have made along the way. Toward the end of our conversation I suggested that she meet with our Pastor and to consider trying therapy. As our conversation drew to a close, we found ourselves giggling at our own ineptitude’s. We said our, “I love you(s)” and disconnected.
Goodness, had Jesus cleansed me as I spoke from my heart and soul? I felt elated…free, if you will. My cleansing was subtle and perhaps not particularly noteworthy but I felt wonderful.
I knelt and prayed of my immense gratitude. I ended with my favorite prayers;  “I will thank the Lord with all my heart in the meeting of the just and their assembly. Great are the works of the Lord; to be pondered by all that love him….”

Katie Hiener

Kathleen Gemmell has a passion for the written word and spends her time penning in a myriad of genres. An animal rights proponent, life coach and psychology buff, Kathy dreams of winning the lottery and running sanctuaries for abused/retired circus animals. Pen and paper at the ready, Kathy will create prose on that experience. ("I can dream!") In the meantime, Ms.Gemmell is a Connecticut resident who loves being a mom and a dear friend to many. Currently writing for 3 online sites, Kathy has an awesome sense of humor and the ability to tell it like it is.