Dear Lord,

When I’m tired from a long night awake with little ones, remind me of my nights awake praying to conceive.

When my house is messy and I just can’t keep up, remind me one day my house will be clean . . . and lonely.

When my life seems mundane and I want to do more, remind me that raising these babies is the most important job.

When the days are long and I’m tallying the hours until bedtime, remind me I will miss them when they’re asleep.

When the laundry piles up and I don’t know where to start, remind me we are blessed with many clothes to wear.

When my day begins too early with a bed filled with littles, remind me of the days I woke up alone.

When I wish and hope for them to grow up faster, remind me that one day they will.

When I’m tired of cooking meals, remind me of those who are hungry.

When they day drags on, remind me of how short life really is.

When I’m tired of being touched, remind me of how sweet the cuddles are.

When the house is noisy and feels overwhelming, remind me it will too soon be quiet and empty.

When I’m tired of hearing “mama”, remind me that I am their whole world.

When I’m ashamed of my body, remind me of the beautiful things it has done.

When I feel like I have failed as a mom, remind me that You entrusted me with these babies and I am what they need.

When I feel inadequate, remind me You are enough.

When my head is spinning and I can’t find peace, remind me of the peace I find in You.

When I feel I am drowning in this world, remind me You are in control.


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