Even if you’re not an avid football fan, you’ve probably heard something about a big upset in Texas over the weekend—#1 ranked Alabama lost to Texas A&M in a down-to-the-wire, quintessential college football clash.

With two seconds left and the game knotted at 38, Texas A&M kicker Seth Small lined up to try the game-winning 28-yard field goal.

Luckily, not all eyes were glued to the drama unfolding on the field. 

Texas A&M student Cam Worthy, who was working the game as a photographer and videographer on the sidelines, turned her lens on Small’s family in the stands. 

Small’s wife can be seen holding hands with his mom, who is seated to her right.

And it’s Small’s mom we can’t take our eyes off of as her son makes the biggest play of his career. 

She squeezes her eyes shut and appears to be praying as the ball flies through the uprights and the crowd erupts.

As a mom, I’m right there with her, and I know exactly what she’s feeling as she channels all her strength to her boy in this moment—that deep down, all-consuming, inexplicable love a mother has for her child from the moment she first lays eyes on him. It’s the way she’s feeling the pressure right along with him. It’s the way she so desperately wants him to succeed, the culmination of countless hours spent in bleachers and on sidelines cheering her young athlete on, win or lose.

And this time, she was rewarded with a huge win.  

Take a look at the clip yourself, and try not to get emotional:  

It’s the kind of moment any parent who’s ever had a child in youth sports can identify with—that terribly wonderful mixture of anxiety, pride, and love. In these few seconds, it’s written all over the face of Small’s mom, and even though she’s watching her son on one of college sports’ biggest stages—a level most of us will never see our kids reach—she really is every single one of us as mothers. 

Congratulations to the Small family and the entire Aggies team! 


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