Lord, please don’t let me forget the way it felt to have them growing inside me. Help me remember the way the flutters turned into kicks and the feeling of pure joy and amazement with each tiny jab.

Please don’t let me forget how it felt when the doctor laid them on my chest for the first time. Keep clear in my mind that overwhelming feeling of happiness, fear, excitement, and unconditional love all wrapped up in one.

Lord, please don’t let me forget the sleepless nights that turned into tired days. Help me remember those sleepy snuggles as my babes curled up safe in my arms. 

Please don’t let me forget those first wobbly steps as the walked right out of my arms into toddlerhood. Keep fresh in my mind the look of accomplishment and sheer joy that spread wide across their tiny faces in their new-found independence. 

Lord, please don’t let me forget the sweet sound of their voices as they’d say “goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bugs get you, love you” as I tucked them in at night. Help me remember the way they’d wrap their arms around me tight and bring me in for a big squeezer after bedtime prayers. 

Please don’t let me forget their excitement and enthusiasm for everything new. Keep fresh in my mind the gleam in their eyes and the spring in their steps as they’d race off to each new thing as if it were a grand adventure. 

Lord, please don’t let me forget that You chose me to be their mother – You chose me and no one else. Help me remember to hold tight to You when I’m feeling less-than. Help me seek You when I feel like I’ve failed them.

Please don’t let me forget to all of these things and all of these feels. Keep fresh in my mind motherhood and how it changed me – how they’ve changed me and blessed me beyond belief. 

Lord, please don’t let me forget.



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