My oldest just finished kindergarten, and I’ve realized my prayers are changing. I’ve always asked for protection and guidance for my kiddos; for God to raise them up as mighty warriors as they grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

Yet, as our little world gets bigger, and friends are bringing different beliefs and different backgrounds and hurts too heavy for their little shoulders to carry, I am desperate for God’s intervention.

And so I pray. I pray for my kids.

And I pray for yours, too.

I ask God to equip our kids to be good friends who care more about the condition of the heart than about appearance or their own ambition. To look for ways to cheer others on instead of competing.

I pray the same for your kids, too.

I ask God to make them brave. Brave enough to stand up to the bully and brave enough to be kind even when it doesn’t make sense. Brave enough to choose honor over what’s popular and to hurry to help when a lunch tray spills.

I pray the same for your kids, too.

I ask God to make them strong.

Strong enough to know they don’t have to win to be worthy. Strong enough to congratulate others and understand we’re not weak when we try our best.

I pray the same for your kids, too.

We know Jesus loves the little children; God, help me to love them like you do.

So, I pray for the child who feels pressured to realize he has plenty to offer this world already. I pray for the child following the crowd to trust it’s better to take the narrow way. I pray for the child who has tried and tried again and still can’t get it right. He is earning endurance and a spirit that keeps on.

God, help all of us to be family. Help us set the example. We want to follow your example.

Be with our kids. Be with all of your kids today.

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Jaclyn Warren

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