They don’t need perfection.

They don’t need you put-together all the time.

They don’t need you to hide your mistakes or cover your messes.

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They don’t need to see unrealistic standards and the perception that everything is met.

They don’t need perfect parentingall day, every day.

What they need to see is the real you.

Broken. Weary. Overextended. At your limit. In need of grace.

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They need to see you desperate for the fulfillment only Jesus can offer.

They need to see you soaking up His goodness.

They need to experience the joy that only comes from delighting in the Lord.

They need to know that in ourselves we have nothing. But, in our weakness is where Christ gives us strength.

It’s OK for them to see the weak moments, the pain, the frustration, and the hurt.

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That’s where they will learn grace, forgiveness, and the Father’s dying love.

Learn to say I’m sorry. Show them where you are learning and growing. Let them in on the mistakes of your day and the messiness of your heart. Celebrate the good and delight daily in the Lord. Choose joy even when it feels too hard.

Let them see Jesus working in you.

Leslie Lucadou

I am a seminary graduate + food lover learning to daily surrender my life to Christ. I have a deep passion for scripture and sharing God's word with others, and my second love is food. I love the way it simply brings people together. My health + physical brokenness has shown me the value in stewarding my body well so I can bring glory to the Lord each day. I never thought that my love for food + scripture would weave its way in such an incredible story of God's grace.