A friend sent me a text the other day thanking me for lunch. I read it twice because we hadn’t met for lunch that day, and I certainly didn’t make the sandwich in the picture she attached. But I did recognize the kitchen counter on which the sandwich was placed. 

It was MY kitchen. 

I hadn’t been home all morning. She knew this. 

But she was hungry, and she knew I had food.

And most importantly, she knew my house always has an open door policy. 

My response to her help-yourself lunch was, “This makes my heart so happy.”

You see, I love it when people feel comfortable enough to make themselves right at home. Even if I’m not home. 

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My pantry? What’s mine is yours. 

My refrigerator? Anything is yours for the taking. 

Your family? Always welcome. 

Your kids? They will always be treated like my own around here. 

Need a jacket? I’ve got a spare. 

Don’t feel like driving home tonight? I’ve got an extra pillow and blanket with your name all over it because I promise you, I love sleepovers. 

And by all means, come on in and help yourself to a sandwich when I’m not home. I tell people upon entering my home, I’ll offer you a drink only once, and then your family and you can feel free to help yourself.  

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I want everyone who enters to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep on my couch or sneak away to a quiet space (if you can find one).

I want friends to feel like family.

I want neighbor kids to play in my backyard even when my kids aren’t home (and they doa story for another day). 

I want to create a home that is so welcoming everyone feels comfortable enough to come on in and make themselves a sandwich. 

Even when I’m not home.

Michelle Tate

A native Texan, born and raised, I married my college sweetheart, and now spend my days raising our three young boys. In another life, I was an elementary school teacher, before diving deep in my true passion for my own babies and writing. My new children’s book, “Be” encourages kids to be the best versions of themselves while being accepting and kind to everyone they meet. Follow me on Facebook at Raising Humble Humans