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The sweet snuggles and sighs are slowly making way for more crawling climbing and exploring each day.

And just when I think my baby is gone, you snuggle into my chest, convincing me I’m wrong.

I watch as you excitedly chase after your sis and giggle as you share with me your slobbery kiss.

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Daytime hours bring playful adventures as I watch my baby leave, but then a sleeping bum curled in the air makes me believe that these cherished baby moments haven’t quite come to an end.

And while these times are fleeting, there’s more joy around the bend . . .

I’m losing my babyit may be sad, yet it’s truebut what a blessing it will be to get to know the boy . . . the man . . . within you.

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Ashley Kay Andy

Ashley Kay Andy is a writer, energy healer, and plant-obsessed meditating mama on a mission of inspiring women to Heal & Rise. Ashley is passionate about guiding women to reconnect with their empathic abilities, understand their sensitivity superpowers, and empower their deep inner healing through the Heal & Rise blog and her book, as well as women's programs and retreats. She resides in Iowa and enjoys exploring nature with her husband and two children, early morning tea and snuggles with her dog Lucy, dancing to jazz and oldies music, and playing the ukulele. You can find her at or on Instagram and Facebook: @ashley.kay.andy

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