Here’s to the daddies.

The daddies who gently hold a tiny bundle in their arms knowing they’ve been given the most precious gift they’ll ever receive, the ones who catch a glimpse of the most perfect newborn face and lose their hearts forever, and the ones who are terrified and exhausted and overwhelmed . . . and so very much in love.

Here’s to the daddies.

The daddies who master the art of ponytails and braids, the ones who start Nerf wars and tickle fights, and the ones who check under beds and inside closets to make sure no monsters are lurking there.

Here’s to the daddies.

The daddies who build tents and spaceships and construction sites, the ones who spend their evenings in the backyard catching baseballs and lightning bugs, the ones who never turn down an invitation to a tea party, the ones who can name every Disney princess and sing every Disney song, and the ones who show up for every ballet recital, band concert, spelling bee and sporting event.

Here’s to the daddies.

The daddies who change diapers, read bedtime stories and bathe squirmy bodies, the ones who cook dinner, take out the trash, and throw a load of laundry in the washer, the ones who recognize you don’t get “time off” from your responsibilities as a parent just because it’s after five o’ clock in the evening.

Here’s to the daddies.

The daddies who raise little boys to be great men and little girls to be strong women.

Here’s to you, daddies.

Because the world so often portrays you as incompetent and incapable, rarely giving you the credit you deserve.

Because your role in the family is often seen as less important and you’ve unfairly earned the reputation of “babysitter”.

And because sometimes we get so caught up in this whirlwind of life that we forget to acknowledge you. We forget to say thank you, not only for the things you do but for who you are.

We see you, daddies.

We see you soaking up sweet memories in the warmth of the sun and standing strong and secure in the middle of the raging storms. We see your tears fall as waves of heartache and sadness come crashing down around us and we feel your steadiness as the ground trembles underneath our feet.

We see your heart.

The heart that fights for us, protects us, and never gives up on us. A heart that houses the strongest, deepest, fiercest love.

A daddy’s love.

Here’s to the daddies.

May the children you’re raising learn to love unconditionally.

Just as you’ve loved them.

(Photo by Cassidy Dawn Photography)

Originally published on Life Off The Record

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Lindsay Stauffer

Lindsay is married to the most supportive husband in the world and momma to two adorable rascals, who have turned her into a caffeine addict. She writes about marriage and motherhood on her Facebook page, Life Off The Record.