If you’ve been a parent more than a day, you know one simple truth about this gig: it’s exhausting. No matter where you are in the journey of raising humans, the job always seems to take more energy than you’ve bargained for.

This means the simple things mean so much, more. Quiet trips to the store in the car. The once in a year evening at home alone at your house. And each week coming to church now feels like a warm hug, an hour and a half of much-needed respite.

Thank you church, for thinking of me. For offering free and fun childcare of each of my kids. Teaching them new songs, about the Bible and truths in ways that engage them.

Thank you church for making it quick and easy to drop of my kids. To walk into a space with other adults, diaper bag free. Thank you for assuring me my crying babe will be okay for my few moments of worship.

Thank you church for preparing for me warm, cream-filled and sugar-infused coffee for me to sip while the pastor shares truths that uplift my weary soul.

Thank you church for giving me time to sing, to lay down my many momma burdens through song, every Sunday. I always leave feeling lighter, knowing God cares about my week ahead.

Thank you church for reminding me this life is about more than the hustle. I’m created in the image of God. I’m loved. My service to my family and community matters.

Thank you church, from a tired momma. You are one of the little things in my week that helps keeps my spirit light and my eyes on the mission of Jesus has called us to—love.

Amanda Idleman

I am a mother, wife, friend, home educator, lover of life and others. I'm passionate about cultivating joy in our home. It's my joy to share our struggles and successes with others. Follow me on instagram at rvahouseofjoy.