Did you spill something on the top of your flat top stove and now you have some Rorschach test ink blot spots that are baked onto the surface? You can’t scrape them off without damaging the surface and you can’t leave them there as evidence of your cooking experience. What to do?

Well, Grandma Dot has a suggestion for you. 

Grandma Dot's Cleaning Tips: Stovetop Scum www.herviewfromhome.com

You will need:

Plastic wrap (Saran Wrap) to cover one burner at a time (the wider the wrap the better)

Spray Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

Dishwashing gloves


First step – do this when the kids are napping and the animals are outside. There are just a few fumes, but my stove air vent took care of them in seconds. Also, you don’t want the kids messing with the top of the stove while the process is proceeding. 

Grandma Dot's Cleaning Tips: Stovetop Scum www.herviewfromhome.com

Now tear off a piece of the plastic wrap, enough to cover one burner. Make sure the whole burner is covered. It’s a little easier if you dampen one end of the plastic wrap. 

Next, lift one corner of the wrap and spray in just a small amount of Easy-Off (Grandma Dot calls that a dab). This is when I used the oven fan.

You can take off your gloves now (and shut off the fan) and spread the Easy-Off around under the plastic wrap. My spots began to melt right away.

We walked away from the stove and did other things for awhile, letting the Easy-Off do it’s thing. The advice for me was to leave that plastic on for at least 1 hour. (Please no comments about my cooking or the stove!) Overnight will work for those of you that have bigger spots than mine. Or more.

Grandma Dot's Cleaning Tips: Stovetop Scum www.herviewfromhome.com

Grandma Dot used a paper towel to take off the top layer of my “ink bots” – but no scrubbing was required. Make sure you use your gloves again for this step.

Use your gloves to take the plastic off when you are ready. We wrapped it up and put the plastic wrap in the trash. Another wipe with the paper towel (using your gloves) and you are good to go. I had brown stuff on the stovetop that I did not know was even there!

Grandma Dot's Cleaning Tips: Stovetop Scum www.herviewfromhome.com

Hope this works for you. It sure made the stove top shine like new again. I’m ready for the next cooking experiment.

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Connie Jelkin

I have been a Librarian for over 25 years in both the public library and now in the school system. I really feel that it is important to teach kids the love of books and reading. That being said, I love going to all kinds of movies and plays with my husband, Jim. Everyone says that he is a very patient man.