Grandpas are like Google. They have all the answers. Or at least, they think they do. And if they don’t have the answers, they just turn off their hearing aids and pretend they didn’t hear you anyways.

While dads may know a lot, grandpas know everything.

My grandpa always knew where to find the best donuts. No matter where we were, he always knew where to find the best Boston creme in town. It’s like they can sniff out the good stuff.

The best grandpas are stitched in adventure and humble intent.

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Grandpas never need a map. They always know where to go, whether on a boat or in a car, even if you’re hanging on for dear life. 

They’ll still get you there some way, somehow, because he’s Grandpa and he definitely doesn’t need directions.

Grandpas are for fun. For fishing. For sneaking treats and for sneaking giggles. For trips to the circus. For goofin’. For learning. For fun. For friendship.

Their relationship with your kid is way less parental then it was with you. There’s no curriculum. He gets your kids high on sugar and sends them back to you.

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But being a parent now, you somehow understand the lessons he was teaching his kids growing up.

The lessons he was teaching you.

The thing about grandpas is that you never want them to go because no one can shoot it quite like them.

And when they finally go, they take a little piece of you with them and leave a little wiggle room of space for you to grow into the grandparent they know you will someday be.

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Whether you’re missing them, leaning on them, or loving them through nursing home windows, there is no denying, there just nobody out there quite like a grandpa.

So, if you really have a question that Google just won’t adequately answer, perhaps, maybe, you should try to ask a grandpa.

Kailyn McMahon

Kay is an avid writer in Detroit, owner of, and mommy to a spit-fire doppelganger little girl. Find @wallflowerwriting on facebook for more writing by Kay.