I see you. 

All the women out there who see a newborn baby, and their hearts break. 

I see you.

The one who can’t open social media because the idea of someone else announcing their pregnancy or birth brings such emotional pain. 

I see you.

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Those asking why me? Why isn’t my body doing what it should? Why isn’t it easy for me?

I see you.

The ones who would give anything to be holding their own child.

The ones who feel like all they do is fail. The ones who beg and pray to God harder than they’ve ever begged and prayed before. 

I see you. 

The women who feel like they’ll never get pregnant. The ones who finally do, only for it to end in loss. The ones who think I could have been this many weeks by now or my baby could’ve been this old today

I see you. 

The ones who track cycles and question symptoms and spend hours obsessing and researching. The ones who feel it’s taken over every inch of their brains and feel guilty for letting it overshadow the joy they’re already blessed with. 

I see you.

And I know you’re silent, but I hear you too. 

I’ve been there and not even in the true depths others have. It’s still one of the hardest things to go through in life. It consumes you. 

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But I’m here to tell you that God has a plan for you even if it doesn’t look the typical way. Focusing on that is life-saving. He delivers all sorts of blessings in His time and in His way.

Anxiety over pregnancy and motherhood is hard and needs to be an open subject. 

You might not show it, you might not say it . . .

But I see you. I hear you. 

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A lover of reading novels, writing, spending time with family, and traveling the world. Learning more about life and gaining a deeper outlook with each experience God puts me through. Always trying to focus on the sunny side. 

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