Strip away all the things of this world, God, and help me see your truths, your goodness, and your unconditional love for me. 

Help me, God, to be your disciple. To send love to a world so desperately needing it. 

In the hurt, God, help me see and feel your presence. 

Help me feel your goodness even in the darkness.

In the moments of silence, when I can’t seem to hear your voice or feel your presence, help me stay rooted and focused on your truth.

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Help me be hungry and thirsty for you.

Help me to be obedient to you and your word. Help me be present and aware of you.

Help me to teach my children of your unfailing love and goodness, God. To teach them to lean on you for everything. 

Comfort me in my anger with you, God. Help me see you have not left me or abandoned me. 

Help me stop focusing on how I feel and more on what you can do and how you can use me for good, for your glory. 

Help me love myself for who I am and stop wanting to be something or someone I’m not. 

Help me see that you know more about pain than I will ever know, God.

Help me to be a truth-teller, God. Fill me like an open vessel and let me speak out to others about your goodness (Ezekiel 3:10).

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Help me not fear judgment, God.

Help me use my pain and suffering for your purpose and goodness.

Help me to remember your words have power over me.

I want to believe your words are alive in me.

Clare Brown

For those of you who don't know me, I am a stay-at-home mom to four amazing miracle kiddos! We have twin boys Jonah and Isaac, who will be six in July, an almost 8-month-old daughter Adelynn, and an angel baby Nathan Louis, who would have been seven in September. I am currently a MOPs/MOMSnext coordinator at our local church. I've been married for almost nine years to my husband Benjamin and we live in Michigan. I started writing as an outlet and want to help encourage and support others through their faith journey. I’ve really felt God calling me to share my story of faith for years now, and finally got the courage to start. I pray God will use this platform to spread His unconditional love to others.