I like Halloween. There. I said it. I think you already knew.

I’m still waiting for one of my friends to throw a serious bash. I haven’t been to a non-kid related Halloween shin-dig since my Houston days in 2005. Kyle and I went to a fantastic party at one of his co-workers’ homes. They went all out – decking their home in Christmas theme. Ha! It was hilarious. They dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Kyle and I dressed like this.

I know.

Since then, I’ve wanted to create my own Halloween bash. Um, it won’t happen until my girls are much, much older. But no worries! I can create a mini-version on Halloween night!

Since we live in town and my sister Lindsay and her family live in the country, they always bring their kids to our house for Halloween. We start the evening early with trick-or-treating and then settle in for a Halloween themed supper. This year while the door bell rings and the kids are busy watching Garfield’s Halloween and the It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the adults will be sipping on these.

This is a crazy easy drink to make and so cute! The great thing about this creepy cocktail? It’s easy to prep your glasses ahead of time (the sugar stays on very well!) and you can make it kid friendly, too. My girls simply drank regular apple cider out of the smaller glasses. They loved the sugar (as if kids need any more sugar on Halloween!).


Her Creepy Cocktail; Apple Cider Martini

(adapted from here)



Apple Cider

Ginger Ale

Apple slices for garnish

Lime juice or lime wedges

Sanding Sugar


Dip your glass of choice in a bit of water being careful not to cover too much of the rim. Then dip in sanding sugar of choice. Let dry.

In a cocktail shaker add apple cider, vodka, and lime juice. Shake. Pour into prepared glasses. Add apple slice for garnish. Can add Ginger Ale to create more bubbles to the drink. (One cocktail shaker makes about two drinks)


Leslie Means

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