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Each week I attempt a project I see on Pinterest. My hope is to show whether projects are simple to complete at your own home. This week, though I ventured to a neighbor’s home.

I LOVE this idea.

My neighbor Stephanie was “Pinspired” this week and I couldn’t pass this one up. Check it out:

What you need:
One piece of rebar as tall as you want your tower plus an extra two feet.
Clay Pots with holes in the bottom (most have holes already)
Potting Soil
Your Plants (hanging plants work really well)

Here’s how she did it:
“Plant” the rebar in the ground where you want your tower. Put it in 2 feet deep.
Carefully thread the bottom pot through the pot’s hole. Make sure this pot is solid on the ground.
Thread the next pot and lean a little. 
Fill each pot about 1/2 or 2/3 full with soil and plant your plant as you move up. (Be careful not to put too much soil in or it will run out as you water.)
Alternate leaning directions.

*Be sure to leave a little rebar at the top of your tower so the pot can lean on it. Otherwise it will tip. (Stephanie’s husband welds so he plans to add a decoration to the top of their pole.)
*Watering can be an issue. Some online suggest putting ice in each pot and letting the ice melt to water the plants.

Stephanie says the pots were each about $4.50 at Menards. The whole project was about $25 bucks. NOT BAD.

Thanks, Stephanie for letting us peek at your artwork!


Stephanie’s daughter Bailey next to the Flower Tower

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