I was just looking for a project that would be fun and have a Halloween ‘edge’ to it. I found this: Spooky Spider Soap. It is SO easy that I am seriously considering making 13 and wrapping them up super fun for our Halloween playdate coming up. The kids wouldn’t really like the non-candy treat. But they’d have fun with it all month in the bath!!

I’m also keeping the recipe for stocking stuffers.

Here’s what you need:

-Clear glycerin soap base

-Petroleum Jelly


(Can be any mold with a little ‘give’. The Silicone ice cube trays work great. I just used the plastic molds they sell in the craft store)


(Plastic ones. They must have a little weight so they don’t ‘float’ to the top of the soap.)

-Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle


-Fragrence (Sold in craft store also)

-Food coloring (The basic stuff works. They sell more expensive coloring at the craft store.)



-Cut your block of glycerin into small cubes.

-Microwave the glycerin for 40 seconds. If it isn’t melted, put it in for 10 second increments until melted. You want FEWER bubbles. The longer it is heated after ‘just melted’ the more bubbles you’ll have to worry about.

-Add color and/or fragerence if you choose.

-Rub petroleum jelly inside the mold (like greasing a pan for cookies)

-Place ‘bug’ in your mold. (Put them in upside down.)

-Pour glycerin over bug into mold.

-Spray the bubbles with the alcohol. They should disappear.

-Let set for at least 20 minutes.

-Pop out of mold and enjoy!

Here are the instructions with pictures:

Slice your glycerin into small cubes.
Place cubes in a microwave safe container
Rub P. Jelly in mold.


Pour into molds (with bugs inside)


Let dry for at least 20 minutes.


Pop out of the mold and enjoy!


My “Pinspirations”

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