We loved your “views” this week! Thank you for sharing them with us! Below you’ll find a variety of images from HVFH readers. Enjoy!

Picking my favorite “view” presented quite a challenge. I have too many! I finally settled this picture and its view. I took it last year on my trip to Israel. I called it Psalm 23 because like this tree even when it seems like we are alone, we have a Heavenly Father who makes us lie down in green pastures and leads us beside quiet waters. The same God that sees this tree and gives it the strength to grow tall and beautiful is also watching over me, giving me that same strength to face anything that might come my way.


From Kelly

My favorite “View” ~ Rachel Manley

My favorite view…Miss M right after her bath! ~ Rachele Barrett

Here’s one of my favorite views from this summer…Alissa Mueller Kuszynski

Here is one of my favorite views so far this summer. I took this in Superior National Forest in Northern Minnesota. Sara Snyder

Sarah Sexton’s view on vacation. 🙂

Leslie’s Girls at Yanney Park!

Stephanie’s nephew

Watching my daughter “talk” to her miniature horse and new foal. It’s almost like they listen to her. ~Angie Lovett Scheideler

A moment that any parent would be proud of . . .
Class C District 7 14 & Under Softball Champions ~ Blue Hill Bobcats


My favorite view from home…. our sweet granddaughter, Serenity here with her Gramps. She is our reward for all those days of challenges when her daddy and auntie were young. ~ Angela


This is my view. This is where I go when I need to take a couple of minutes and re-focus on what is important in life! Enjoy! ~ Ann Chumbley Snider

Watching my kids when they don’t know I’m looking is one of my favorite views. ~Steph Hughes ~

This is the view I love! Happy faces. I’m currently the coolest mom in the world because I helped them spray paint their hair purple. 🙂 ~Heather

This is a view I love. All of our ‘garage’ shoes waiting for us. Love having little feet in our home. ~Jen~

Leslie Means

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