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When it comes to decorating my home I always love coming up with a “thrifty” way to recreate a certain look from a favorite decorating company  (okay, $29 is too much to pay for a metal letter from Pottery Barn). If you follow my blog you know I refer to the “rattle can” quite often in a lot of project posts. The rattle can is nothing more than spray paint and I have a deep love for it!!!

For this project I used an eight inch by one inch paper mache letter from Hobby Lobby. You can snag these letters for less than a dollar when they are on sale. If not on sale you might pay around two dollars for them. I picked mine up a while ago for $0.75!!

To transform this letter into a faux metal letter for about $2.00 I used Rust-oleum hammered metal spray paint in sliver.  The spray paint will cost you around $9.00, but you will have so much left for another project that I could not justify calling this the $11 DIY Metal Letter. Trust me, once you use this paint you will hunt for things to paint. For example, we all love 3M hooks right?!?! I buy the cheaper 3M plastic hooks and spray paint them instead of buying the metal looking 3M hooks. You can take an old boring picture frame and spruce it up for an updated look. The possibilities are endless. Now onto my project…

To paint the letter, you can use thumb tacks and poke them into the wrong side of the letter to keep the letter up off a flat surface. This allows for easier spray painting. Be sure to protect any surface you do not want paint on before starting. Spray paint the front and sides of the letter and allow to dry for at least 30 minutes. Then apply another coat of spray paint. After the second coat of spray paint the letter should be well coated. Once the paint is dry you are ready to decorate!!!

metalletters (1)

Happy Painting!!!


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