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I recently started my own miniature herb garden. I had a long planter that wasn’t being used, so I decided to try my hand at some herbs. The idea is to keep them outside as long as the weather is warm and bring them inside during the colder months. Hopefully, I’ll have fresh herbs to cook with all year long!



Italian food is my favorite – and having fresh basil to add to sauces will be perfect. One of my favorite recipes using basil is BLT Bowties from Rachael Ray: (I substitute romaine or green leaf lettuce for the arugula).

YUM! The chopped basil is so delicious on top of the fresh tomato sauce.


Have you ever eaten at Qdoba or Chipolte? I LOVE the rice that they make for the burritos and tacos. Here’s a great copycat recipe: . Having fresh cilantro will be perfect for making rice, pico de gallo, or just sprinkling it on my tacos. 


I love adding thyme to homemade chicken noodle soup. Thyme releases its flavor more slowly than other herbs, so I usually add it early on in the cooking process. I also think that this recipe for a cracker spread sounds delish!

I mean, anything with cream cheese and garlic already has my stamp of approval. But adding fresh herbs makes it wonderful!


Okay, I’ve never actually cooked with lavendar…. I bought it mainly because it smells pretty. =)

But, I’ve found some recipes that sound great. One that I am anxious to try is lavendar lemonade

Doesn’t that sound so refreshing?

Do you have a favorite herb recipe? We would love to hear from you!

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