Have you ever prayed in and specifically for each room in your home? Have you every prayed for your bathroom mirror or your TV? There is no such thing as a silly prayer; praying for each room in your house is desperately needed!

A Prayer Walk is the ticket to nurturing a home environment that glorifies God. It’s as simple as it sounds: walk and pray at the same time with prayers specifically for each room, door, item, and the like.

It may sound goofy and uncomfortable at first praying for each area under your roof, but our spiritual life doesn’t have to feel that way. The more we practice out loud, the easier it becomes. What better place to start than where we live! I want to cultivate a Christ-centered environment in the walls of my home and be an example of someone who is constantly striving to be more like Him. I want to serve my family and do what I can to provide a safe and peaceful foundation for my family to grow. What an awesome way to not only serve our Lord, but our family through a prayer walk through our home.

So what do you say in a prayer walk? The words may roll out easier than you anticipate by praying words of gratitude, peace, and protection:

God, I thank you for the house you have provided my family. Let this entire house be a place of comfort and peace that always seeks your Son. Please, protect our family in all ways.

Lord, bless this living room. This is a spot for our family to relax and spend quality time together. Let this room be filled with respect and that we can demonstrate it daily.

Heavenly Father, I pray for our TV. This world is filled with so many scary and filthy ideas. May this TV only display kind and good things that educate or glorify You.

I want to pray for this dining room and our table. Jesus reminded us at the Last Supper of His love and coming sacrifice. Let us not forget His sacrifice and that he is preparing His Kingdom for us. May the conversations and meals that take place here nourish our souls and bodies.

Oh, God! Bless this door that those with good intentions come into our home. May those questioning You see this home as a safe haven that demonstrates Christ-like values. May our doors be open to demonstrate Christian hospitality and warmth.

Lord, there are many people who try to tell us what we should wear and how to look. I pray that when any of us look inthis mirror that we see we are cloaked in Your love and that we are ultimately, Your creation.

I pray for our toy room. You have given children such a wonderful gift of joy and play! You created us to do many things and one of those is to have fun. May this room be filled with your Spirit and may adults have the unrelenting spirit of a child.

Use these small prayers as encouragement as you begin your prayer walk through your home. Do a prayer walk by yourself, your spouse or with your kids! You will be amazed what you come up with and realize the importance of performing prayer walks. Fill your home with prayer and a love for Christ and add requests for what your family needs. May these prayers help build your house on the rock.

Kara Stevens

Kara Stevens is the wife to a wonderful Marine and mommy to beautiful little boys in Central Nebraska. Besides her growing family, her loves include the outdoors, cooking, writing, and spending time in prayer!