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Husbands don’t get enough credit. 

Mine doesn’t at least, and that’s mostly my fault because I should tell him thank you more often. 

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Being a mom is hard, don’t get me wrong. The mental load is enough to do me in most days and don’t get me started on being the family taxi driver. But husbands don’t get enough credit. 

We do different things for our family, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t do what I do without him by my side. He’s the calm to my chaos, the voice of reason to my worry, the “maybe you shouldn’t” to my impulse, and the one to call me out when I need it. 

My husband doesn’t get enough credit. 

For the hours he works or for the load he carries for our family. Worry, stress, and responsibilities weigh heavy on him too, and I often forget that. Most of the time the parenting struggles fall on mom, but dads carry them too. 

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So, here’s to the husbands who do it all and never complain. Thanks for holding our family together.

You deserve more credit.

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