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Have you ever had one of THOSE mornings? Maybe you slept through an alarm or two. You might have opened the fridge to discover the milk was gone and the dishwasher hadn’t run so there were no clean spoons. One kid couldn’t find his left shoe and another was crying because her granola bar broke in half.

Piling into the car together for an errand or a drop-off is only bound to make send all those emotions teetering on the edge of meltdown right over the cliff. 

It’s that moment one mother shared in a TikTok video that’s gone viral, the one where a mother becomes a “mom monster” and yells at her kids. 

Blogger Annalee Grace shared a video selfie from her car talking about the terrible morning. “I screamed at my kids this morning,” she begins. “Not just a little scream, like a big, full-on screaming right back in their faces.” 

She goes on to talk about the kind of day most mothers have experienced at least a handful of times, when everything goes wrong, everyone is fighting, and nothing makes sense. “My 4-year-old told me she hated me because I couldn’t un-tear her page that she asked me to tear out,” she says. 

And it’s precisely that kind of struggle that’s evidence of what Annalee calls the hardest part of motherhood: the emotional regulation. “If you had asked me to guess what the hardest part of having kids was before I actually had kids, I probably would have guessed like lack of freedom or lack of sleep or something like that. Wrong. It’s the pure exhaustion that comes from emotionally regulating 24/7. The patience and the strength that it takes to watch those humans combust in front of you and stay cool so that they can regulate, and take in all of their emotions for them . . . I just lost it.” 

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When she yelled, she says her kids looked back at her with fear in their eyes, and it sobered her. “I sat them both down and I apologized and explained that you guys know how sometimes you get really upset? Well, Mommy was just really upset and couldn’t control her emotions anymore,” she said.

Annalee says she’s opening up about the experience because sometimes, it feels lonely as a mom who wonders if she’s doing it all wrong. “All I see are people out in public or cute little vlogs making pancakes in the morning and I feel like I’m this evil mom monster on a hill yelling at her tiny little kid,” she said with tears in her eyes. 

Watch the video below (and just a warning, there is some language): 

She concludes by saying, “I wanted to share to remind you that even if you are a wonderful mom or a wonderful dad, you are also a human first and we’re going to make mistakes.” 

And doesn’t that make us all remember we’re not nearly as alone as we sometimes feel? You’re doing a good job . . . and tomorrow will be better. 

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