I don’t have many hobbies outside of my home.

I love my day job but it’s them I long for.

I imagine I’m described as an absent friend.

And right now, that’s more than OK.

Because I’m in the thick of it.

Because I can’t do it all.

Because I can’t be it all.

This crazy, chaotic period of time I dreamt of for so long will be over in the blink of an eye.

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They come first. 


They’re what I do best.

Raising our young family.

I’m an ordinary woman.

But I am a great mother.

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Even when I’m exhausted.

Even when it feels as if nothing is good enough.

Even on the days I just can’t be bothered.

I give my all and then some.

Just for them.

Always for them.

Unapologetically forever and always them.

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When the end comes, if all they remember was my presence, I’ve succeeded. 

They’re my life’s greatest achievements.

My children.

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Lacey Owen

Lacey Owen is a busy New Zealand Mom of three gorgeous children who provide the basis for her blog @Laced with Love; experiences along her journey to becoming a Mother and all that Motherhood entails such as miscarriage, birth, ill babies, secondary infertility and raising young children. She works part time as a health professional and is a self confessed crazy cat lady!