At night is when my mind races the most.

Did I turn the burner off after dinner?

Here we go . . . 

Did I check the garage door to make sure it was shut?

And we’re off to the races . . . 

What if I’m not doing a great job raising my children? What if they grow up not loving Jesus? What if I somehow break them?

There’s no stopping it now, it’s on a roll . . . 

What if something bad happens to my kids? How would I live with myself and keep going if anything ever happened to them?

And on and on it spirals. As soon as it’s in full-blown race mode, there is no slowing it down or turning it off or getting any sleep. 

Every night, without fail.

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A mother’s mind is always thinking about her children. She worries about things that are not within her control and she obsesses over how to do her best as a mother, it’s a given. We’re created to care for our families, and we do it with a huge weight on us. 

We carry it all and with such a heavy heart, leading to some serious mom guilt if and when we fall short. 

We forget who can carry all of that weight, all of that heavy burden. 


Mama, you can do your best every day to point your children in the right direction and you can worry about all the burners and evil in the world, but it is all in His hands. He’s got it all so you don’t have to. He will look after your kids long after they leave your house because, well, He loves them more. 

Give all the worry and anxiety to Him. Let the only One who holds the future, carry the weight of it all. 

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He’s got it all, so get some sleep, mama. 

“Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34). 

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Courtney Devich

I am a mom of two little ones (God blessed me with one of each) and a former HR leader turned stay-at-home mom. I write with a heart for the mom struggling with mental illness, but I write about all things motherhood, marriage, and faith on my blog, Her Strength & Dignity. You can usually find me in the Starbucks line at my local Target, watching Fixer Upper, or chasing after a toddler (or two) in my home in Michigan.