Dear daughter,

Marry the one who spends his weekend meticulously constructing a playset. Carefully completing each step, then retracing each step, while answering 100 questions from his overly excited children, all to ensure your safety.

Because this, sweet child, is love. A love that is patient.

Marry the one who knows your favorite coffee cup. The one who stays up an extra five minutes just to make sure it’s clean for the morning.

Because this is love. A love that is kind.

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Marry the one who starts the car for you on the extra chilly mornings. The one who throws an extra log on the fire to keep you warm even though it means he’ll have to tend to it longer. 

Because this is love. A love that does not envy or boast. 

Marry the humble one. The one who knows when it’s time to take the lead but isn’t afraid to sometimes ride second in command. 

Because this is love. A love that is not proud.

Marry the one who holds you just because. And the one who squeezes extra tight when the day has been rough. The one who kisses you good morning and goodnight.

Because this is love. A love that is not self-seeking.

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Marry the one who isn’t afraid to join in the Friday night living room dance party. And the one who still appreciates the meal you made even though the recipe didn’t turn out right. 

Because this is love. A love that is not easily angered and keeps no record of wrongs. 

Marry the one who protects and trusts you. Who stands tall with you no matter the challenge. The one who hopes with you. Who wants all your dreams to come true. 

Because, sweet child, a love like this—like the love your daddy has for me—is a love that perseveres. 

It is a love that never fails and the love I will always have for your daddy and you.


*Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13

Jen Feener

Jen Feener is a wife, mother, public school teacher, travel concierge, and children’s author. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she spends her time playing with her daughters, exploring nature, crafting and making messes in the kitchen. Seeking the adventure in each day, she strives to capture that adventure in her writing.