It’s very dark in here mom
But He said I’ll be okay
That there’s no place safer for me mom
That you were made a special way
I told Him that I’m scared mom
He said you might be too
But I promise that you’ll love me mom
If only half as much as I love you
He said I’d have to be a strong man mom
When we heard daddy say goodbye
I wish I could see you mom
I hate to hear you cry
He said I might not meet daddy mom
But I think that we’ll survive
He told me grandpa’s great mom
That he can teach me how to drive
I hear you with the doctor mom
You’re talking about me
I hear you crying more mom 
He said we’ll do it by week 23
What are we doing mom?
He said I’ll be out next week!
I can’t wait to finally meet you mom
To feel the warmth of your cheek
I can feel that you’re in pain mom
I hear you say you don’t want me
I’m so sorry mom
I just wish you’d wait and see
I wish you’d wait and see mom
That no, your life will not be the same 
But you’ll never be alone mom
And you needn’t feel your shame
Something is happening mom
I feel pain, hear your voice disappear
I don’t understand mom
I was told I’d be safe here
I never got to meet you mom
But I knew you before I died;
Your voice, your touch, your cry, mom
Only I could hear your heart beat from the inside
I’m with my Friend again mom
He said you’ll meet me here some day
I wish we could have met on earth mom
But until then, Heaven is where I stay 
He says I have your eyes mom
And the dimples in your cheeks
We were so close to meeting mom
I missed you by just a few short weeks 
You made a difficult choice mom
You made it all alone
I wish I could have helped you mom
I wish you would have known
I wish you would have known mom
That was not the only choice
There were other options for us mom
If I only had a voice.

Kiley Shuler

Kiley is a new momma, devout Catholic, servant of Christ, happy wife, and proponent for life. She also drinks entirely way too much coffee and gets tipsy off two glasses of wine.