Child of mine, it’s an honor to be your safe place

When you were brand new to this big and bright world, it was hearing my heartbeat that calmed you down. 

When you were gassy, it was my hair you wrapped around your little fist while I bounced you. 

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When cutting teeth kept you up at night, it was me you needed to rock you. 

When you took those first wobbly steps, it was my hand you wanted to hold. 

Still now when you just need to be held, it is my arms you want around you.

When you get an owie, it is my kiss that makes it all better. 

When you’re tired or sick, it is my arms you seek.

When you are sleepy, it is my shoulder you fall asleep on. 

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When you need a cuddle, it is my lap you curl up in. 

When you’re upset, it is me you reach up for

When you’re nervous, it is my hand you want in yours. 

When you have a bad dream, it is me you call for in the middle of the night. 

When you are sad, it is my comfort you seek.

When you wrap your little arms around my neck, you know you are safe and you are loved. 

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As your mama, it is both my privilege and my honor to be your safe place. I hope to always be that for you. I hope to be the one you know you can come to when you have a problem at school or with a friend. I hope you know I’ll always have a shoulder for you to lean on or cry on, and I will always have a hug waiting for you whenever you need it. 

Megan Vollmer

Megan Vollmer is a wife and mother of two. She writes about motherhood, marriage, and faith. She thrives on faith, sarcasm, and coffee. She has been published on Today Parenting Team, BabyGaga, Her View from Home, and in Chicken Soup for the Soul.