I have a name

You wouldn’t know it.

It’s not something that you hear.

Mama, honey, can you help me?

Oh, yes, will you come here?

I have a name you’d never hear.

His wife.

Their mom.


You know I’m the teacher, coach, lover.

Your family, your friend, your child’s class mother.

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You know I will greet you with a smile.

I’ll know just what to ask.

I remember the forms and pack a spare.

Always you know if I’m late or not there.

But never is my name your care.

I have a name no one uses.

It’s not on the front cover or file.

Keeper, caretaker, companion. 

I’ll buy your gift, I’ll bring a dish.

I’ll drop off and pick up on time.

I’ll curl my lashes and smile for the flashes.

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But something that caption never catches . . . 

I have a name.

And you should know it.

For I am more than what I do.

I have value these titles don’t render.

I have thoughts about them, too.

My opinions are my own.

And while my work may be surrender.

I have a name to call my spirit.

A name I wish you would remember.

Avanya Manasseh

I am an introverted writer, wife and mom, as well as the Founding Writer and Editor in Chief at Scripta Edits. I live with my husband and three young children in New England.