She’s my every day friend.

We tell each other enough to know exactly what the other is doing each day.

We talk throughout the day, every day.

We share what we are making for dinner.

How the kids are being.

If we worked out or not.

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How work is going.

How we are getting along with our husbands.

What happened at our doctor appointments.

We know the names of one another’s neighbors and friends even though we don’t know them in real life.

There’s never any catching up because we both know everything going on with the other.

I cherish the ease of talking because we never have to catch up.

We never skip a day.

We talk about it all, everything is discussed.

The minute details and the big stuff.

We even sit in parking lots or our garages just talking to one another, to feel like we are hanging out.

She’s my every day friend.

She’s my best friend, yet she lives on the other side of the country. We make messages on Marco Polo all day long. Some are two seconds, and some are 10 minutes long.

Our time zones are different so I wake up to her videos from the morning and she wakes up to my videos from the night before.

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We may go years without seeing each other in person, yet it feels like she spends every day with me.

We know everything about one another’s life, we are every day friends.

If you have an every day friend, then you know how much you both cherish one another. There’s no other friendship like it.

An every day friend shares it all with you and nothing is too small to share, she even cares about hearing if you washed your hair today.

Kelley Cooper

Kelley embraces her motherhood journey through writing letters and poetry inspired by her realtionship with her son, Shane. She lives in a mountain town in California where she is a life coach and host of women's circles.