When a mom is late to work it’s not because she slept in, because she’s a bad worker, or because she doesn’t care about her job.

When a mom is late to work, it doesn’t mean she is not passionate, or that she won’t be one of your best employees.

When a mom is late to work it’s because her work day started long ago.

It started in the wee hours of the morning when she was up with a crying baby.

It started at 7 a.m. when her toddler woke up yelling for her from the crib.

When a mom is late to work, it’s because she’s already been busy all morning.

She’s been changing diapers, feeding kids, dropping them off at school or day care.

She’s been managing tantrums, cleaning up spills, and taking care of everyone else.

She’s been trying to squeeze in an hour of time with her littles before she doesn’t see them all day.

She’s been yelled at, cried on, spit up on, and maybe even pooped on all before she’s left the house.

When a mom is late to work she probably hasn’t had her breakfast or her coffee yet, so give her some grace and some time.

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When a mom is late to work she knows that her day isn’t even close to being finished as when she gets home from work she will right away be busy taking care of others.

When a mom is late to work, she already knows she’s late, she feels bad about it, and she hates that she is always late. 

Remember that when a mom is late to work, she’s so dedicated to work that she’s taking time away from her kids to be there, so be patient, be gentle, be kind. 

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When a mom is late to work there is so much more than meets the eye. Ask her how’s she is doing. Be calm with her, and care for her.

To the mom who is late to work, you aren’t alone, and you are not failing. We see your hard work.

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