I tend to focus on the little things.

Like when you kiss my forehead.

Or when you pour me a cup of coffee.

Or when you listen to one of my stories.

Or even when you placed our new space heater, you know, the one that looks like a crackling fire, on my side of the bed.

Through our nearly two decades together, I’ve come to believe something.

I tend to focus on the little things because you make the big things look so easy.

I can forget you come home at the same time each workday. That is actually a really big deal. You are so dependable that, most of the time, I don’t even give your reliability a second thought.

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I can forget that when you say something, it’s true. I’m not left wondering about blatant lies, or lies by omission, or any other untruths. You are a man of your word.

I can forget how gentle you are with me. Every so often, I see you in your work element, the you who must be stern, and blunt, and no-nonsense. I’m then reminded of how you take such care with me, of how beloved I am to you.

I can forget about your ability as a dad. The way you carefully explain. The way you back me up. The way you freely say “I love you.” The way your children are so much of your heart. These are no small feats, but you behave as if they are.

I can forget how full of life you are.

You are ready for a long walk. You are ready for a wild road trip. You are ready for a weekend of camping beneath the stars. Your hiking boots are by the door, and you are ready. Period.

I can forget about your strength. You’re so quiet about it. You don’t boast. You don’t walk around, shouting and beating your chest, daring everyone every moment of every day. But that strength? It’s there, silently waiting for duty.

I can forget about our friendship. Most of the time, it comes so easy. You are the most fun person in the world to share banter with. I look forward to you, to our conversations. Because it will help me grow, I can also count on you to challenge me in just the way I need to be challenged. You are this incredible, built-in friend.

I can forget about your devotion to Jesus.

How much you want to please Him. How much His guidance means to you. How you seek His will for our family. How He is everything to you.

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If I were to tell you these things. If I were to stop you right now and list how wonderful you are, how blessed by God I feel to be your partner in life, you would laugh. You would look like an ant under a magnifying glass. This sudden light on your humble soul would make you completely uncomfortable, and I’m certain you would only begin your own list of how you feel blessed by me. You would give God every ounce of credit. You would point to the One who provides.

And, I would agree. I would 1000 percent agree that we are both so blessed. We are given such mercy, such grace.

We are given it all.

And then, you would say something adorably witty, and I would laugh while you top off my coffee. I would look at that topping-off and be so appreciative of the little things.

Because truly, you make the big things look so easy.

Amberly Kristen Clowe

Amberly Kristen Clowe enjoys blogging and writing humorous, faith-based children's books from her Texas home. You can find out more about her at www.amberlykristenclowe.comFacebook, and Twitter